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WordPress website security

Your hosted services are important to your business

Your hosting account powers your website and your email – two of the most important channels in your digital business structure. Maintaining the security and therefore the reliability and sound reputation of your service is your responsibility. Those who neglect this vital aspect of business today do so at their peril. The cost of website rescue and restoring online reputation can be high and the lost business opportunities are both frustrating and unnecessary.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, out-of-the-box security was adequate for most people’s needs. Today however, creating and maintaining a secure hosted environment requires considerably more effort and expertise across all levels of your hosting service.

Few small /medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the in-house expertise or desire to get involved in this skilled  technical function. Most hosting accounts are unique with special requirements and fully automated maintenance is not a complete solution.

Hosted Service Maintenance

To provide a simple, yet comprehensive solution to clickonIT has created the WP-Guardian service. With WP-Guardian your website security is dramatically increased and your risk of attack and potential loss is greatly reduced. Sleep soundly at night knowing that vital aspects of your website are being managed on your behalf.

WP-Guardian works on multiple levels simultaneously;

  1. Creates a fundamentally secure environment for your hosted services by tightening your account and blocking known security holes often left open.
  2. Strengthens your system security by concealing service information, locking out illegitimate use and users and generally making life difficult for any and all unwelcome activity.
  3. Monitoring your services to detect any suspicious activity.
  4. Responding quickly and decisively to mitigate threats of attacks on your services.

Under the hybrid WP-Guardian system your site is tuned and checked by skilled and experienced webmasters. who also constantly supervise automated activities to maintain and guard your services.

You will receive prompt notification of serious incidents and a regular report on routine activities.


The initial and routine actions performed by WP-Guardian greatly reduce the risk of major incidents and allow potential threats to be identified and dealt with swiftly. Where compromise leads to damage to your site or service, the precautionary measures taken by WP-Guardian allow your services to be restored quickly, greatly minimising reputation damage and business loss.


  • Security tightening using cPanel tools.
  • Lock down your file system and block potential security holes.


  • WordPress security tuning.
  • Security tools added, configured and implemented
  • WordPress, theme and plugin updates
  • Update validation

External services

  • Monitoring
  • cPanel account backup
  • File & database backup
  • Google integration
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Malware scanning
  • Rapid incident response
  • Web/FTP/Email – User Guide for business-secure Internet use
  • Regular hosting-related tips and tricks

Connect your website to WP-Guardian today and relax in the knowledge that you’re online business is safe.

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Want more?

For the ultimate in website perimeter security WP-Guardian PLUS adds cloud-based firewall protection that stops attacks dead before they even get to your website. WPG PLUS also adds on- and off-site malware scanning, website caching, free malware removal and de-blacklisting  and remote email virus and spam filtering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not using cPanel. Can I still use WP-Guardian?

Yes, but there are some aspects of your hosting configuration that we will not be able to tighten up. We recommend you migrate to cPanel some time in the near future.

Not using WordPress. Can I still use WP-Guardian?

No. WP-Guardian is designed for WordPress websites only. We offer two alternatives for non-Wordpress sites;

What happens if my site is compromised while covered by WP-Guardian?

clickonIT will respond quickly to any detected or perceived threat with appropriate mitigation to stop further damage and restore the pre-threat service. The action taken may include temporary shut-down of your site, sanitisation of your file system, reinstatement of a prior clean file set, further tightening and strengthening of your hosting accounts and directions for you and your staff regarding continued use of the system. The first two hours of incident response in any month is included in the monthly fee. Further response action, if required, will be detailed for your approval and include risk assessment, justification, cost and time estimate.

What happens when I order WP-Guardian?

Click on the link to order and pay for for WP-Guardian. In completing the order you will need tell us the domain name of the service you want to protect.

When you order is processed you will receive an order confirmation email that will detail all the information we will need to initialise WP-Guardian.

Our webmasters will check your site and make sure WP-Guardian can be implemented on your site. If not we will suggest alternatives or refund your payment. If we can go ahead and connect to WP-Guardian we will contact you for the specific access details itemised on your confirmation email. Contact and all future communication will be made through our secure support system.

When WP-Guardian is active you will receive reports directly from your website flagging various maintenance activities and you will receive a regular WP-Guardian summary report.

My site is already been malware infected and I need to get it cleaned first. Can you help?

Yes. Under most circumstances we can restore your (WordPress) site to working condition and initiate the restoration of your damaged online reputation – WP-Rescue. Be aware that having fallen once, you are likely to be subject to further attacks and we strongly recommend connecting to WP-Guardian to guard against further attack. Get a big discount on WP-Rescue if you order at the same time as WP-Guardian. WP-Rescue/WP-Guardian Bundle

Can I learn how to do this myself or have my IT staff trained in this function?

Sure. We’re happy to train anybody in exactly what we do in the WP-Guardian program. It’s not difficult to learn the procedures and we can provide a thorough, documented education. Analysis and assessment of data and incident response is not so easy to learn without hands-on experience. We can teach you problem solving skills and risk minimization techniques related to hosted service management . These skills can be applied more generally as well and will help you adapt to new threats and devise new responses as time goes by. Contact Digital Business Institute for training enquiries.

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