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Over 30,000 websites are infected with malware every day. Hackers target small business websites because they know that default security is lax and vulnerability is high. After all most small business operators have their hands full running their business.

However, every business operator also knows that the business website and email systems are vitally important to your business. Being offline damages existing and future business. Cleaning up after an attack can be costly and time consuming. Imagine if your website was completely destroyed. The cost and time to create another site does not bear thinking about.

Our approach is to maintain your website and prevent attack and minimise your risk. We back this up with a brilliant malware cleanup response that is fast and gets you squeaky clean and back on line very quickly. We also add another layer of security to your email to free up risk and time for you and your staff.

WP-Guardian PLUS is the ultimate solution to small business website performance and security. Our approach to to these two goals is to;

  • maintain your website software (WordPress and installed plugins) up to date
  • scan for vulnerabilities and security breaches
  • protect against known and suspected threats
  • prepare for the worst case scenario (website down – all data lost)
  • provide business email continuity
  • provide for fast website restoration
  • completely ‘hands-free’ for you, the website owner

We have packaged the best and most effective performance and security management tools into a single ‘done for you’ service.

WordPress & Plugin Updates

One of the best ways to avoid attack is to keep your website software up to date. Components can be updated at anytime and keeping on top of them is tedious and time consuming. We check your site daily for updates and update anything and everything that has a more recent version available.

Virus and Malware Scans

Your website is scanned daily for lurking malware and nasties that can infected your website, robbing you of resources and destroying your online reputation. If malware is found we will fix it fast and get your sparkling clean website back online in no time.

All inbound mail is scanned for viruses and spam and most users can easily reduce their email load by 30-80% giving you back all the time currently spend deleting and cleaning  up the rubbish email that overloads your computer. All inbound email is saved and can be easily recovered for the past 30 days. If your email server develops a fault your email is saved for up to 5 days and delivered when your server comes back online – no lost email.

Caching and Firewall

Caching increases your website performance and provides an intermediate security step between your website and visitors. This traffic is checked through the firewall and dangerous or suspicious requests are stopped before they can get to your website preventing abuse and infection.

Daily Backups

Sometimes it’s handy to be able to turn back time. Backups allow us to do just this. The files and database that comprise your website are backed up daily and any day from the past 30 can be recovered and restored should you need to wind back the clock. This system allows you to completely restore you website in the event of a small mistake or catastrophic damage – deliberate or accidental.

Fully  Managed For You

Systems are setup and operated on your behalf. Monitoring and remedial action is taken as required. You get monthly reports and serious incident reports as required. You have a single contact point, a single annual charge and nothing technical to concern yourself with, ever.

This service provides everything offered in WP-Guardian, AntiSpam/Virus Filter with additional high level malware scanning, caching and firewall services. It is the ultimate combination of automated and manual services available at a reasonable and affordable price of under A$1500 (approx US$1000)

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Q: My site runs on Joomla. Can I get WP-Guardian PLUS?

Yes, Joomla and most other website CMS systems can enjoy the benefits of WP-Guardian PLUS except for daily software updates. We can only manage WordPress website software updates at this time.

Q: I am already a WP-Guardian user, can I get a discount?

Yes. Existing WP-Guardian users pay only $1,275 for the first year. Use coupon WPG+15OFF when ordering.

Q: My site is not hosted by clickonIT. Can I get WP-Guardian PLUS?

Yes. All hosting providers are supported.

Q: I get more than 100,000 emails per month, can I beef up my allowance?

Yes. Increase inbound limits in 100k blocks at $10/month each.

 Q: I have several websites, can I get a discount?

Yes we offer volume discounts for 5 or more domains. Contact sales.

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