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Malware attack has become rampant in the last few months and is striking WordPress and Joomla-based websites everywhere. Thousands of websites globally are being infected every day. A malware attack infects your website so that it becomes an agent for cyber-crime infecting other computers, sending out spam, loading and distributing more illicit files or malware – all without any of your knowledge. Before long your site and/or domain name is blacklisted. Visitors are warned off entering your site by Google threat notices and your emails are barred from delivery by Internet security software – spam and threat filters.

All this can happen while you remain blissfully unaware of the damage being done and the bad reputation that is stacking up against you. Routine service scans by service providers will detect the errant behaviour before too long and in an effort to protect you, the service and other users,  will close your site down so it can do no further damage. It is only at this point that you may notice that something is going on to your disadvantage. A rapid shut  down at this point is very much in your favour.

The point is that although malware attack is common and rampant, the threat of attack on your site can be significantly minimised to the point that it is managed and actionable before damage is done.

All business websites MUST be maintained on a regular and frequent basis to minimize the risk of attack and infection from malware. The most basic measures are simple and cost free and will dramatically decrease your risk.

You can make a a significant security improvement with some very simple security procedures. The facilities and tools you need may be already included with your hosting package or available for free, so there is no cost barrier to improving your website security immediately. The DBM BusinessBuilder program (free access plan) includes access to a download that gives you step by step instructions to maintain and strengthen your website security.

Malware is a threat that can have dire consequences for your business and your online reputation if left unchecked. See this blog article for more info

WordPress and Joomla websites are at the highest risk (ironically because of their popularity and wide-spread use- the very features that make them attractive), however ANY website can be attacked and used for illicit purposes that will have a damaging effect on your business.

As the website owner, keeping your site malware free is your responsibility and it pays to take action to keep your site malware free and your online reputation sugar sweet. can manage malware cleanups for clients, but prevention is far better than cure and we have added some new services to assist business website owners with security. These services can be provided regardless of where your website is hosted.

Security services are provided on three levels;

  1. Attention to your website by a real person skilled in website technical and security issues.
  2. Automated security services such as site scanning, malware removal , site operation and reputation monitoring, perimeter protection.
  3. Website rescue from malware attack/blacklisting, etc.

The key advantage to services is the bundling of automated services with expert human response as required. This provides a level of individual attention to your website that is simply not possible with automated services alone.

We have overhauled our website security and performance maintenance bundles and now offer

WP-Rescue – If your website is malware infected we can recover it for you with WP-Rescue. We will santise and secure your WordPress website, get your site/domain removed from blacklists, get your site back online and provide you with a checklist of further action to minimise the risk of being malware infected again. WP-Rescue is a once off task.

WP-Guardian – Keeping your website and email systems working is critical to business now. Malware attack affects more that 11,000 hosting accounts every week. Offline websites and emails that no-one sees cost you lost business, lost time and can be expensive to repair. WP-Guardian is a 4 level security and maintenance service that dramatically minimises your risk of malware infection. Further, if your site is infected we’ll clean and restore it at no cost to you. WP-Guardian is a subscription service for WordPress websites.

WP-Rescue/WP-Guardian – Owners of damaged sites know first hand of the loss and expense that a malware infection brings to your business. We will rescue your website and keep it save into the future with this significantly discounted WP-Rescue & WP-Guardian bundle.

SiteLock – SiteLock is an intense and comprehensive website monitoring service that provide secure protection for you business on several levels. We recommend SiteLock for any business that;

  1. Does not use WordPress
  2. Has an e-commerce component (ie you are selling directly from your website)
  3. Where you are managing a DIY security system

SiteLock works on all kinds of websites, whereas WP-Guardian is a WordPress-based system only.

SiteLock provides a visitor-facing site seal – a recognised guarantee that your site is secure and can be trusted which is an important reassurance to your would-be customers.

Website Protect– Technical management of your non-Wordpress website by a real web expert to ensure that your services are regularly maintained and operating reliably.



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