Website Health Check

If your website is old and has not had regular attention or maintenance, then it is most certainly at risk of attack and of damaging your online reputation.

Supporting Cybercrime

Thousands of websites are compromised every day by cyber-criminals intent on stealing your data and your clients data. Even if your site has little to steal your resources can be used to run illegal spamming and file distribution rackets, and to act as launch pads for even more sinister activities.

By neglecting your site you are allowing these activities to persist and the damage to your business can be final. If your site is blacklisted as a malicious and your domain is rejected by security tools, you’ll find your site will get no visitors and no-one will receive your emails. Getting of a blacklist is far more difficult than getting on one.

These activities can easily take place right under your nose without your knowledge. But ignorance is no consolation when your website is shut down, defaced, destroyed and your data gone, reputation trashed and search engine listings evaporated.

Lapsed Tech Help

Have the people who built your site disappeared or moved on to other things. If for whatever reason your website tech support has lapsed, getting your head around the details or even passing the job on to a new contractor can be a challenge. If you do not know how your web hosting organized, how you get access and are not fully in control over the suite of services that you need to manage and maintain a solid service and maintain a good reputation online, then you need to act fast.

Website Health Check

The Website Health Check is a fact finding and critical response process that wil;

  • Determine the details of all your digital business services.
  • Document your services to give you a written record of your accounts and access details (i.e full control).
  • Report on the security status of all existing installations.
  • Recommend prioritised action based on risk and estimated cost.

Our final report will provide you with the information you need to make your own decisions on what action to take and give you sufficient information to brief any contractor you wish to employ to do the work for you.

You will be able to take control and ownership of your online presence without the reliance on any other party including your service provider or web designer.

The Website Health Check immediately improves your security and gives you a big picture view of current status and future directions for your online business with a clear picture of potential costs, staging opportunities and performance measurement milestones.

Naturally we can take the next step with you and undertake any remedial work for you, but this is entirely optional and you are under NO OBLIGATION what so ever to use our services.

The Website Health Check is open to all website owners regardless of where your website is hosted.

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