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The business website today is a far more elaborate and sophisticated than it used to be. system than ever before. The content management systems that provide you with so many great business opportunities are also susceptible to the march of time. Compatibility and security issues travel hand in hand with the features systems can deliver and which your customers expect.

Constant, regular attention is required to preserve the technical quality of your website and to deliver the stream of content that is required for your marketing activities. This would ideally be provided by an in-house webmaster. The skillset of a webmaster requires expertise in technical and editorial fields as well as business and marketing to ensure that your business website is able to present a consistent and effective business presence.

Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

An entry-level staff webmaster will cost at least $50K pa plus the staff on-costs. A skilled web specialist will cost you more like $85K pa plus on-costs. For many small businesses this cost is not justifiable for a dedicated specialist.

The answer is to outsource. A skilled webmaster or web tech specialist can provide you with the level of service you need at a very reasonable cost. Outsourcing your webmaster service on-demand makes good business sense.

clickonIT webmasters and virtual assistants are experienced professionals located in Australia and the USA

Technical or Content Webmaster

Webmaster services fall into two main areas of specialisation – technical and content.  Technical/security services are routine in nature and the time allowances are appropriate for the tasks to be done each week. Content services on the other hand are far more flexible depending on your business and the needs of your marketing plan.

The clickonIT webmasters have across the board capability and can manage any webmastering task your business needs.

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What would a webmaster do for you?

Below are a few of the services our webmasters can provide for your business website…

Content Management

Add posts to your blog, add and edit text, images and video to your product and services pages. Update your homepage, add to and edit your menus, add images to your Flickr site. Manage your YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Develop and implement your content strategy, SEO on the website and in social media and any other channels you will be using.

Content audits to check and verify online documents are current, relevant and authorised for distribution.

Broken link detection, site map maintenance, data entry and organisation.


Set up your hosting account, enabling the appropriate facilities, securing  and documenting setup status and access details.

Configuration of mailboxes, quotas and access details and configurations of email forwarders. Setting up email to work with mobile devices. Address sync across parked domains.

Installation of content management system and preparation of structure and add-ons prior to content submission. Security configuration, component licensing and ongoing upgrades.

Operational Documentation

Creation and maintenance of “How-to Guides” so that staff can be quickly trained in standard operations and have a written point of reference to access.

Creation of house style guides. Good communication is about simplicity and consistency. In order to achieve both every website needs a style guide and an agreed way of doing things such as file naming conventions, captions styles, typography styles, spelling, type formatting, use of colour, images and graphics, image style and so on.

Create Standard Operations manuals and guides.


Security policies, strategy development and operational plans, disaster recovery plans. Email security, anti-spam/anti-virus systems management.

Planning a backup strategy, initiating and executing scheduled backups, ensuring ad hoc backups are made before critical changes, storing off-site backups.

Manage usernames and passwords. The multi-layer approach presents a significant obstacle and a strong deterrent to attacks of all kinds. The management of access credentials is vital to enable legitimate users to use the website effectively yet maintain a strong barrier to unauthorised access.

Software Maintenance

Researching and deploying software tools to support marketing objectives. Keeping your software up to date. Update your software together with its plug-ins and add-ons, license management and keep an eye on what’s happening with your website – great insurance.

Domain Name Registration

Ensure your domain names are correctly registered to the right legal entities, that the contact information is always correct, that names are renewed on time and that the appropriate locks and safeguards are in place to secure this important intellectual property. Often overlooked and a veritable nightmare to resolve.

 End of Life Management

Projects come to an end and website technologies and structures eventually reach their useful time limit. When this time comes an end of life procedure is required to preserve the value of the information presented and acquired during the website lifespan.  The information may be archived or migrated to a different information management system and responsibility for it handed over to a new body.

Webmaster services can encompass many tasks beyond those listed here. To discuss webmaster services for your business please contact our service manager.

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