Automated website backup service launched

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Today we launched our website backup service providing all website owners with a simple and economical way to protect their online investment.

Cyber attacks occur with increasing frequency and technical faults and human error can easily result in partial or complete loss of website data. Regardless of where blame might lie, it is wise to insure against such loss and the simplest way to do this is by maintaining regular full backups.

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This system was born out of long search on behalf of clickonIT clients a service that could easily do website backups unattended. Finally we have a very satisfactory solution.

Our backup system is entirely automated. Once configured  it performs regular scheduled backups and stores them securely offsite automatically. Your online backup control panel is available 24/7 and you have instant access to file & folder restoration and secure download  access to your full backup archive file(s). You set the backup frequency and the number of backup sets you wish to retain and the system does the rest.

This services is available to all cPanel and WHM website operators whether hosted with clickonIT or not.

For more info please see the Automated Web Backup page.

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