Virus Scan Your Website

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Don’t wait for the server malware scanner to pick up suspicious files in your hosting space. Get in early by including a regular scan of website in your security program.

All clickonIT cPanel accounts are configured with virus scanning that allows to to scan all or part of your hosting account for infected and other unwelcome files. You have the option of dealing with any suspicious files detected with destroy, quarrantine and ignore options for each file identified.

Regular monitoring of your website is always a good idea. Look out for any unexpected increases in storage and bandwidth use. Thy could indicate unauthorised use of your account for illicit purposes. Don’t get lumbered with the consequences which may extend far further than simply using up your resources. Your online business and reputation is at stake.

Find and eliminate suspicious files before it’s too late.

The virus scanner tool is found in the Advanced module of cPanel.

virus scan cpanel

Virus scanning tool in cPanel

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