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Finding the right people for your digital marketing activities can be a real PITA. Ideally you need people with technical know-how, with a flair for marketing creativity and the initiative to put the best ideas together for you quickly and efficiently.  Such people with the right blend of skills and personality are hard to find and come with a sizable (and justified) price tag. Even if you could find the right person to employ, if you like most small business operators, you only have an occasional need for this kind of assistance.

Solution – Outsource a Virtual Assistant

Ask us about our virtual assistants and how we can help you put the digital services we provide to work for your business quickly. The kinds of tasks our virtual assistants can perform for you include;

  • Make content additions and edits to your WordPress website.
  • Edit your website structure (pages, menus, facilities, plugins and more)
  • Manage the technical aspects of your website (licenses, connections, documentation, etc.
  • Setup third party services for you such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google. Connect them to your website and customize them to match your brand and business image.
  • Plan, operate and manage marketing activities for you  such as email marketing, social media campaigns, online advertising.

All our virtual assistants are well-educated professionals with knowledge and experience in digital marketing technology. They are highly capable and enthusiastic about getting a good job done for you that will benefit your business. Assistants are dedicated to your task so they can focus on your work from start to finish. They are also backed up by their colleagues so that time sensitive tasks are always completed to schedule. Assistants are supervised by senior team leaders and always have access skilled advisors and help when required so tasks are never relegated to the “too hard basket”.

Your cost is only incurred when your project is active so you do not have ongoing costs for technical and marketing specialist staff when they are not required.

Virtual assistants are the ideal solution to short-term specialist expertise requirements.

Contact us and tell us about the outcomes you want to achieve. We’ll be glad to tell you what we can do to help you.

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