Take Control of Your Web Hosting

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Many business people regard web hosting as a mysterious but necessary evil that is out of sight and out of their control.

In the past web hosting and email were services that were hard to understand and even harder to manage. However access to the controls and tools associated with hosted services is vastly improved. Its easy to learn how to use these facilities and provides every  business operator with a lot of power over the Internet functions of their business Рpower they can use to improve business efficiency, enhance reputation and conduct more business.

What is the client area?

The clickonIT client area is a secure management interface for your clickonIT hosted services you can access at any time on any device, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Why login to your client area?

Your client area gives you instant access to virtually all routine information that you might need about your hosted services. For example;

  • The contact information we use to sent you notifications.
  • Details of all the services you have or had with clickonIT, including access details and configuration details for each.
  • Some services or as(e.g. backup, email accounts, domain name registration) can be managed directly within the client area (no need to login to separate control panels).
  • Service upgrade and downgrade options, and available add-ons.
  • Background information (user guides) on the services clickonIT provides.
  • Full accounting information, service charges, invoices, transaction history, ability to select and enable various payment options.
  • Email-independent access to help and support. Access tech support without relying on email (you might be having an email problem). All your support history is accessible for reference at any time.
  • Full access to our extensive knowledgebase with how-to guides for virtually everything to do with hosted services and answers to all the most commonly answered questions.

With access to all thee controls and the ability to manage your hosted services directly you can attend to many aspects of your site that once required the involvement of your service provider. Now you can forget making phone calls and waiting for someone to get back to you on routine matters. There isn’t a single aspect of day-to day, or even month to month hosting service that you cannot manage through your client area, instantly and when it suits you. For those times when you can’t manage your services from your client area, our online support system gives you access to the next available tech specialist and provides a fast track option if you need really urgent attention.

How do I access my client area?

Log in to Client Area

To access it you need an email address and a password. Every business account has a primary account holder – in small businesses usually the business owner. That account holder has full access to all areas of control.

login panel

Other people can also be authorised to login to a business account and their access can be restricted. For example a bookkeeper might be authorised to access accounts, invoices, quotes, etc. A tech support person might be authorised to access products and services and tech support. The primary account holder and each authorised user uses their own individual email address and password to login. Separate logins allow for an uncomplicated interface for each user and preserves access control. If any user forgets their password, they can easily request a password reset. Instructions are sent to any authorised email address that makes a a request. Unauthorised email addresses are ignored.

How do I authorise my staff to access the client area?

Add new contacts

Staff can be added as contacts or sub-accounts. Log in to your client area. On the left hand side find the “Contacts” panel. To authorise a new login to your client area, click on the “+New Contact” button.

There is a box to check to allow client area access. If you don’t allow access they will get relevant notifications, but not be able to respond.

You need to check the boxes for the relevant notifications this contact will receieve (general, product & service, domain, invoice, support). This also determines teh sections that this contact will be able to access when logged in. Access should be provided on a need to know basis depending on the role the contact has within your organisation. When someone leaves you can easily deactivate access by deleting the contact.

In summary…

Your client area gives you the power to act on your needs in your time in relation to your hosted services. It allows to you to select appropriate services and choose how you pay for them. It allows you to appropriately delegate aspects of hosted service operation to your staff. This all adds up to providing you with power, choice and control in a single location.

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