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Disaster often strikes the minute you take your eyes off the play. Websites are vulnerable to attack and system failure at any time. Technical problems in our data centres are usually caught and addressed well before they are noticed online, but malicious attacks and application failures do not raise system alarms and monitoring your site for malfunctions is a task that falls to your webmaster.

Fast attention to faulty websites keeps your business online and operating at peak efficiency. Only when you become aware of a fault can you do something about fixing it.

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Analysing Your Monitor

If you monitor reports your service is not responding, the first thought is usually that your website is down. After all is that not the purpose of the monitor? Well you might think so, and the monitor can detect symptoms of a site down, but the nature of the monitor is simply to report a response to a request. The absence of a response simple indicates that there was no response received, not that the website is down. There are many reasons why a response may not be received and a non-functioning website is only one.

Firstly confirm that your website is non-responsive. Try to contact it yourself as a user. You may get a good result or an error message that will give you a further clue as to the possible problem.

If there’s is no problem apparent, keep a close eye on it for and hour or two. The issue could be intermittent. Look for patterns such as time periods, particular URLs, protocols. Any sort of common element in failed connections could help you find a problem. If the problem does not persist it could quite easily have been due to a networking problem between your site host and the monitor. The network provides many opportunities for hidden errors to occur and mostly such errors are beyond your control. These are frequently fixed within 24 hrs and the nature of the Internet is that they are circumvented for most users anyway.

If the  problem is site abuse or processing error this will be readily visible on the screen. You need to deactivate hacked or abused sites immediately to prevent further damage. Get hacking sanitisation experts engaged with your hacked site immediately you become aware of problems.

Approach processing errors through your hosting control panel, first checking error logs and then software configurations and settings. This can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the technical back end to your website. Get tech support to help you track down and fix processing errors. These errors could indicate the need to update aspects of your software or hosting configuration, so don’t ignore them.

Monitoring is able to help to become aware of and react to potential error conditions with your website in a realistic, low-cost way, before real damage is done to your online reputation. Be sure you respond to monitor alarms promptly and nip small problems in the bud before thy become major headaches.

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