Services Overview

Starting Up

Websites need a lot of planning. Creating your online strategy, defining customer personas, structuring our content program and integrating your business processes are just a few things to consider. Online plans steer technical requirements. Hosting with clickonIT ensures you are off on the right foot with suitable socks and shoes.

Website Security

Hours of hard work and huge investments can be lost in the blink of an eye through accident, malicious behaviour and the inevitable technical failure.

Do not leave security to chance. clickonIT supports your online security with information and technology right from the start. Minimize security breaches by maintaining good security procedures. Get a head start with a Website Health Check

Recover your online business quickly and completely by restoring your site from a current backup archive. We provide all the tools you need to make backups yourself and teh facility to have it all done in teh background for you with our Automated Web Backup service.



Driving your communications success is not a typical role of a hosting provider, but it is a vital part of online business and therefore something clickonIT takes seriously. When you’re successful we’re successful and we’ll help you maximise your exposure to your target market with the tools we provide and knowledge we share.

Web Management

Websites need management right from day one. Applications to maintain, software to update and configurations to adjust. Good security means keeping ahead of the bad guys.

clickonIT provides you with all the tools and facilities you need to manage all aspects f your website operations, content, security and much more.

If this is more technical that you care to get or if you just don’t have time to manage all this stuff our expert webmasters are standing by to help you with anything you need and  provide you with the webmaster that you always wished you had, when you want one and before you need one.  Your webmaster on demand!

Operations Consulting

Web operations consulting

It’s very easy to loose the objective view of any part of your business, especially when you have been trying so hard to make it a complete success, struggling with a steep learning curve and battling with the loads of well-meaning but unhelpful advice from people who know nothing of your business.

clickonIT can clear away the veils of bias and uncertainty with give you a crystal clear vision of your proposed or existing web strategy together with advice on how to maximise communication to your target market, maximise exposure to potential customers and present a clear, uncomplicated message that works.

Contact us today to discuss your situation.

Business Cloud Services

Cloud services will will push communications services well beyond the boundaries currently occupied principally  by web hosting. Having your website hosted in the cloud now can provide you with immediate benefits and ensure that you are able to leverage technology to support your business in its existing form and open the doors to many more business opportunities in the future.

We will soon begin to roll out cloud hosting and this will quickly develop into a complete array of cloud-based business services.


Webmaster Services

  • Content updates
  • Application upgrades
  • License management
  • Content audits
  • Document library management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email and mailing list management
  • Technology assessment
  • Newsletter/social media tasks

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