Security Services

Your web hosting package provides you with a basic level of site security and suite of software tools that can be used to further enhance your site security. However for business websites this is not sufficient protection. Specific security measures and frequent regular attention are essential to minimize risk. provides security services on three levels;

  1. Attention to your website by a real person skilled in website technical and security issues.
  2. Automated security services such as site scanning, malware removal , site operation and reputation monitoring, perimeter protection.
  3. Website rescue from malware attack/blacklisting, etc.

The key advantage to services is the bundling of automated services with expert human response as required. This provides a level of individual attention to your website that is simply not possible with automated services alone.

Website Protect– Technical management of your WordPress website by a real web expert to ensure that your services are regularly maintained and operating reliably.

  • Web host check.
  • Security check.
  • WordPress check.
  • WordPress theme & plugin update.
  • Administrative compliance.
  • Respond to third-party alerts.

Website Protect Plus All Website Protect services together with;

Website Rescue & Protect Plus – Rescue your hacked or malware infected WordPress/cPanel website.

  • Audit, sanitize, update, secure.
  • Delist from blacklists.
  • Harden WP/cPanel security.
  • Plus all of Website Protect Plus services.
  • Free website rescue of managed site if it is compromised.

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Website Rescue Only

We have discontinued website rescue services only (without any requirement for system updates or ongoing website care). A malware or hacked website cleanup without attention to the primary causes will not produce long-lasting results.

Automated Security Tools

Some individual services are available as standalone subscriptions if you wish to create your own security bundle.

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