Preventing Website Abuse

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More than WordPress 30,000 websites are attacked every day and small business websites are prime targets. Why? Because most small business website owners have a set and forget attitude that allows websites to get out of date and software weaknesses to be exploited easily and without detection. Even a modest degree of care and attention would improve security – not to mention marketing performance. But that’s another story.

Well maintained sites reduce risk, but maintenance alone is not enough to protect you from a determined attack. When your website is bringing you customers and earning you money the business will really feel the impact if the site goes offline or online reputation is damaged. There is a financial incentive in keeping your website clean, secure and reliable.

An abused website can take you offline (closed down by your service provider to prevent further abuse and penalty) and damage your online reputation, driving away visitors from your site and destroying your Google ranking.

WordPress itself is not to blame for this abuse. Correctly installed and maintained it is very secure. Plugins – the optional add-on software components that provide special functions to WordPress are not as reliably secure, but kept up to date, plugins do not often present problems. Software updates plug security weaknesses as they are found and no software is 100% free of the potential for compromise.

The secrets to a clean, secure website are;

  • Keep the website software up to date and therefore as secure as possible.
  • Provide a protective layer to stop attacks.
  • Monitor for abuse.
  • Have the means to restore a clean, reliable site in the event that an attack is successful.

Our latest security bundle is our best so far and has been formulated in response to some severe and repeated attacks causing damage that will take months to recover from and meant direct financial loss.

The security bundle addresses the key issues as follows;

  • Regular website software updates to provide the strongest possible system.
  • Remote website caching and security firewall protection to stop attacks even reaching your website.
  • Monitoring and site scanning to detect damage or suspicious behaviour.
  • Backup to provide clean system snapshots that can be restored when necessary.
  • Fast and thorough malware removal.
  • Fast restoration if your website is breached in spite of the protection provided.
  • Remote anti-virus/spam service that prevents attackers striking through your own computer and also ensures you never miss a single important business email during any downtime.

This service package is a select bundle of specialist services, integrated and all done-for-you. There is no technical component or ongoing action for you. You will receive an information-only monthly report and incident reports as/if required.

The service package is called WP-Guardian+. It is an annual service and is available immediately. Your site can be clean, secure and reliable within hours of placing your order.

$1,495 per year per domain to update check all your website software daily and update as required, provide abuse-resistant caching and security firewall, 24/7 site monitoring, daily backups, malware removal and site cleaning as required, site restoration and rock-solid email anti-virus/spam protection and continuity. All done for you. Nothing for you to remember or do what so ever.

A secure, reliable website gives you great peace of mind and lets you focus your attention on your business.

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