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Website security requires constant vigilance and I always find myself banging on about password security and backing up to all and sundry. I hope that you’re up to speed on all those preventative tactics that reduce the chance of your website being compromised.

Even then, unfortunately you could still be attacked and loose your website. Your website down means that existing customers may not be able to access information and services, and also prospective customers can’t find you, or worse still are scared off by threat messages or a defaced website. It happens all the time and you’ve probably seen what a hacked site looks like. It certainly does not inspire confidence in your company, even though it can be just more bad luck than poor management.

The answer to a hacked website is to respond to it quickly, taking it offline so that your reputation is not damaged further, assessing the damage done and restoring a safe, functional website – all as quickly as possible.

In past discussions I have talked about preparing for this inevitable situation and how to act on it. Today I want to tell you about site monitoring and the new clickonIT site monitoring service.

A monitoring services is an automated watchdog for your website. Whenever your site is inaccessible or behaves unexpectedly, the monitoring service alerts you, so that you can take the next step in checking and acting to rectify any faults. By catching the faulty condition quickly you are able to reduce the chance of customers or propspective customers from being affected by a compromised site. You can prevent your site from being listed as a threat and minmise damage to your online reputation. You are also able to change and strengthen your defenses and reinstate a safe site so that your online business can ride the bump and continue with least disrruption.

After considerable research and testing clickonIT has just launched its site monitoring service that provides all the features anyone could want yet is simple to use and very reliable.

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Try the fully-featured Pro version for 14 days for free. No software to install, no credit card required, absolutely no risk. After the trial period your Pro account simply reverts to a free account. You can continue to monitor your site with some reduced features and upgrade to Pro at any time.

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Site monitoring is one factor in your emergency response plan. As digital business and marketing assumes greater importance in commerce today, planning and preparation for disaster is as vital as planning for success. In providing a site monitoring solution clickonIT adds yet another foundation service/tool for safe, reliable e-business.

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