Cleaning Up After A Malware Attack

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Malware infections of websites are growing in frequency and intensity. This is an insidious kind of criminal abuse that you are unlikely to notice until your sites reputation is trashed and your are blocked in Google and no-one can receive your emails.

The is no guarantee that you will ever be free from attack, but there is a simple action plan that will reduce your risk and take you out of the sitting duck category. The simple plan involves regular vigilant maintenance of your website, keeping your CMS, theme and plugins up to date and actioning the usual security procedures.

We can help you in four ways;

  1. DIY website security maintenance – teach yourself using online resources and pickup valuable”how-to”guidance by joining the Digital Business Builder program
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  2. DIY with step-by-step online training (and optional coaching) so that you know what to do and why to do it. With training you will learn how to solve any security issue with your WordPress site.
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  3. Get your website security maintenance done for you. Let our expert virtual assistants run through all the tedious procedures required to prevent, detect, respond and repair your site before your reputation is trashed.
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  4. Subscribe to SiteLock – a security monitoring and reputation management service that will throw up a secure forcefield around your website and provide constant vigilance to protect your online brand.
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