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Using mailing lists as a marketing channel is a concept that has been around for a long time. It is still as effective as ever. Especially for businesses that diligently manage their address lists and regularly send out good quality emails. There are  many spectacularly successful businesses that are founded on and sustained by email marketing.

The fundamentals of email marketing are

  • Build good quality lists of addresses from people who want to join your list and regularly receive your emails.
  • Create attractive emails that look good and deliver a tight message of interest to your list.
  • Send email in a way that your list members can receive it with confidence and through all the security barriers they impose against unwanted email.
  • Track your emails so that you know what works and what doesn’t

The business value in mailing lists requires both quality and quantity. Getting the best value from a large list is a big job and the only way to efficiently manage quantity it to automate as many list functions are  possible. There are many tools available to help you. You will save a great deal of time and money and be assured of getting the best possible results by using one of the better mailing list services.

We use and recommend

Mailchimp has a free service level that is more than adequate on running a respectable list and will go a long way to making that list profitable. It also has paid service levels that you can work up to when you’re ready to take advantage of its advanced features.

Build multiple lists directly from your website signup forms and segment them any way you like. Keep custom data if necessary and allows your list members to self-manage their list data and subscription status.

You can easily prepare and schedule good-looking sales/information emails in Mailchimp – personalised for each recipient and fully compliant with Anti-Spam laws. Mail sent on your behalf by MailChimp gets through to your recipients. MailChimp reporting shows you all the bounces, opens and clicks so you know exactly how your customers respond to your mail and which customers are most responsive.

Get Started NowThere is a learning curve to developing email marketing skills, but MailChimp provides plenty of help and it is all provided with a solid marketing (rather than technical) angle so you can concentrate on the effort that is most likely to give you a marketing return. If you want your business to get a running start into email marketing consider getting your MailChimp account professionally set up and connected to your website so you can start building your list immediately. Then get a basic email marketing strategy mapped out and implemented. Once you can see a plan in place and working for your business you will be able to pick up the reins and take control in-house – or simply contract the service out if you do not have the resources. Either way the activity should be profitable for you and return income many times greater than the cost.

Need Help With Mailing List Marketing?

For professional expertise getting setup or running your email marketing please reach out to clickonIT Virtual Assistants

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