Documenting Your Website

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What seems like a simple website can often require a complex arrangement of software applications and clever ideas and technology to pull it all together.

But not matter how simple or complex the arrangements behind your website to maintain business continuity and provide your organisation with all teh information it needs to manage its online presence, your website, in fact all your online services, need to be thoroughly and systematically documented.

With complete and accurate documentation it will be possible to access all the accounts associated with your website and the component software you use. Whether you need to access information yourself, or you need to brief an external consultant, being able to provide all the necessary software details, license keys, usernames and passwords makes for effective and efficient results and minimises the delay of reverse engineering and getting reauthorisation to accounts you should be able to log into any time.

A documenttion structure shoudl include;

Domain name details

  • Registrar
  • Expiry date
  • Management account credentials

Hosting provision

  • Service provider details
  • Account/billing access
  • Control panel access
  • Database names, usernames and passwords
  • Email accounts (mailboxes, forwarders, secondaries)
  • FTP account access


  • CMS details & admin access
  • Template provider, license, account access
  • Add-on/plugin details, licenses, access details
  • Details for all additional applications


  • CDN account¬† details
  • Google/YouTube,Twitter/Facebook/etc account details
  • Backup account details

Log section

  • Listing date, change, details, person reponsible

How to section

  • Step by step instructions to setting up and executing any particular activities required by the site.
  • Links to tutorials detailing the performance of common tasks.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Schedule of daily,weekly, monthly and annual maintenance procedures and reference to instructions for completion.

Licence Register

  • Summary of licences and registrations and renewal dates.

Digital Business Media can audit and document your website as part of its webmaster service.

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