Credit Card Billing

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Our billing system has been upgraded to facilitate high security, bank and credit-card company compliant arrangements for recurrent billing.

Our new system provides you and us with very high credit card security.

It is a complete change the way recurring credit card charges are made. From now on no credit card data will be held in our system. We will only store a coded token that references your card, your account with us, your authority to make recurrent charges and your past history of legitimate transactions.

Existing clients with recurring charges will need to change over to the tokenised charging system manually as soon as possible after 2 August 2012.

When you get an invoice;

  • Go to the client area
  • Login using your main contact email address and password. If you do not know your password use the password reset link to generate a new one.
  • Once logged in go to Invoices and select an invoice to pay.
  • Complete payment using VISA/MCARD/AMEX option.
  • The information transfer and transaction occurs without any sensitive data passing through or being stored on our system. The card details you use in this transaction will be tokenised and future recurrent payments will be made through this card.  clickonIT only stores the token.

Future recurrent charges will be made using your token and there will be no need to manually pay recurrent charges. The token can only be used in combination with other secure authorisation activities to initiate transactions.

When you get an invoice you always have the option of logging in and paying it through any of the means offered. If not paid earlier by some other method, your recurrent invoices will be charged to your card using the token on the due date.

As in the past you will always receive an email receipt for all transactions. Invoices and payment status are always available for your scrutiny in your account interface.

Tip: You can provide “accounts info only” access for your book-keeper so that they can log in in and check your invoice account status with clickonIT at anytime.

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