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CMSExpo 2012 in Chicago last May was something of an eye-opener in revealing the strength and diversity of content management systems (CMSs) on the “market” (many are free).

As well as seeing many of the CMS offerings up close and personal, with direct access to developers and business leaders, it was very interesting to learn about the technologies and concepts that quickly getting a foothold, enabled by smart CMS foundations of websites.

CMS technology is part of the convergence that gives current web, social and mobile aspects such great synergy and the ability to reach out to people exponentially. But that’s another topic.

Recent research has revealed that WordPress although not officially a CMS is probably one of the most popular content management platforms for websites right now. We have been working hard on several new sites based on WordPress over the last few months and in its latest incarnation (v3.4) it is certainly is very impressive.

  • Easy to learn.
  • Easy to use.
  • Tons of theming possibilities
  • Loads of free and low cost plugins that extend you business and communications capabilities that are very simple to install and use.
  • Loads of commercial plugins that go from Wow to OMG-is this possible!?
  • Huge online user community willing to help a newbie or an oldbie.
  • No tech skills required.
  • Programmable, extendable to the nth degree if you want to roll your sleeves up.

Other popular and very good CMSs that our hosting supports include Joomla and TYPO3.

In selecting a CMS for your business website match your needs to the strengths of the CMS to choose the one most appropriate;

  • Do I need my staff to make ongoing updates to the site – you will need easy to edit, assigned access and editorial control.
  • Do I need specific integrations to conduct business such as databases, membership, file distribution, calendars, booking – you will need to know that built-in or reliable add-ons are available off the shelf.
  • Do I need custom applications to conduct business – you will need skilled programmers in the CMS of your choice.

Often determining your needs from a technical standpoint is difficult when your specialisation lies elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to engage an analyst to determine your needs, research the available options and pricing and report for your decision-making.

clickonIT recognises the needs of small business to be able to adopt a reliable, proven business solution, make their own and run with it with a minimum of technical preamble and fluffing around. Stay tuned for our turnkey website solutions that will enable small business to take a Internet presence from nothing to full- on almost overnight.

Contact us if you want to fast-track your Internet business action without waiting any longer.

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