CloudFlareCloudFlare is a great way to improve global performance and add an additional high security layer to your website. clickonIT now provides CloudFlare on SOHO, Business and Enterprise hosting plans for free.

CloudFlare provides a proxy layer between visitors and our webservers. It caches unchanged content and filters malicious traffic, protecting your site on the host server. CloudFlare works with all websites, including dynamic websites.

CloudFlare is implemented as a three click service in your cPanel hosting control panel. CloudFlare is very simple to activate and if for any reason you do not wish to continue the service it can just as easily be deactivated.

CloudFlare Performance Advantages

Globally-distributed content delivery network (CDN): CloudFlare data centers are all over the globe so your site loads fast for all your visitors, no matter where they are. A typical website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast.

Automatic static content caching; Using a CDN-like infrastructure to cache static content, CloudFlare saves you CPU and bandwidth resources. Fewer requests hit your webserver, lowering the overall CPU usage of your account and minimising the risk of server overload even in very busy periods.

Always Online Mode: In the event that your webserver is unavailable, visitors will still be able to access a cached version of your website through CloudFlare.

IPv6 Support: Future-proofed gateway to support IPv4 and IPv6 connections regardless of your existing infrastructure.

Site Analytics: CloudFlare keeps traffic statistics and provides special insight into search engine crawlers and threats.

CloudFlare Security Advantages

Reputation-based bot and threat protection: Block known malicious threats from accessing your sites

Comment spam protection:  Reduce spammers from posting garbage to your sites

Hotlinking protection: Referer integrity checks to protect your images from inline linking

Browser integrity checks: Evaluates HTTP headers for threat signatures.

Email harvesting protection: Hide email addresses from bots, but keep them visible to humans.

Threat control dashboard to enable per-visitor blocking or unblocking: Easy ability to see which threats have been stopped from accessing your site, and an intuitive interface to add/remove visitors.

Block traffic by country or IP range: Ability to stop a range of Ips from accessing your site.

Teach infected human visitors to your site how to clean up their machine: CloudFlare alerts human visitors with an infected computer of the action they need to take to clean up the malware or viruses on their machine.

Deploy collective intelligence of the CloudFlare community to identify new threats: CloudFlare gets smarter as more sites join.

CloudFlare works perfectly in conjunction with other security features such as the anti-virus scanner and SiteLock service.

All the CloudFlare services and features of listed above are free and can be set up and managed from within cPanel.

Premium versions of CloudFlare can be negotiated and signed up with CloudFlare directly should you wish to use a more advanced plan.

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