CloudFlare – Performance & Security

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ClickonIT now provides CloudFlare on SOHO, Business and Enterprise hosting plans for free.

CloudFlareCloudFlare provides a proxy layer between visitors and our webservers.  It caches unchanged content and filters malicious traffic, protecting your site on the host server.  CloudFlare works with all websites, including dynamic websites.

CloudFlare is implemented in a three click operation from your cPanel hosting control panel.  CloudFlare is very simple to activate and if for any reason you do not wish to continue the service, it can just as easily be deactivated.

CloudFlare is perfect of any site concerned about security, which is the primary purpose of CloudFlare.

CloudFlare’s bonus is the performance benefits that flow on as a consequence. The CloudFlare international network of caching proxy servers gives your site amazing international performance and protection against server down time. The CDN benefits are ideal for any website with a large number of images, videos and soundbites.

Fully self-managed in your cPanel hosting control panel CloudFlare is a very simple solution that delivers big, big rewards. All for free.

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