Cloud Email Filter Works Well

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clickonIT is pleased to open our cloud-based anti-virus/anti-spam filter for public subscription.

clickonIT SpamFilter has proven a reliable and robust email filter.

Benefits to business include;

  • A one domain-one price model allowing unlimited email addresses and unlimited domain aliases. No cost surprises each month.
  • Cloud-based service means nothing to install, configure or update. It is completely independent of any of your devices.
  • Reduced inbox load translates to better staff efficiency and work satisfaction as the rubbish is eliminated from their inboxes.

SpamFilter clients regularly 30-50% of inbound mail removed as unwanted, freeing up valuable resources to work on productive tasks.

SpamFilter works with any other Internet security systems you have in place and is completely configurable – if you ever feel you need to fine-tune it. You have secure 24/7 access to your own control panel.

How spamfilter works

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SpamFilter sits between the Internet and your regular mail server, receiving all your email. Mail is processed immediately and clean items relayed to your regular mail server where you collect it as usual. All mail is retained on the SpamFilter system for 30 days and can be reviewed, re-classified and resent at any time during that period. Filtered mail can be flagged clean. Clean mail can be resent. White and black lists can be created and edited. You can add/edit email addresses as required and set a catch-all if you want. There is plenty of control over filtering your mail.

Of all the mail filters we have seen and trialled, the system is the easiest to use, most robust and best priced. Its features are perfectly suited to small to medium-sized enterprise looking for robust mail filtering solution that will not break the bank.

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