Web Backup FAQ

Doesn't my web host make backups?

Web hosts usually create “server wide” backups for their own disaster recovery purposes. However if you need to reinstate a folder or a file or perhaps a database, it is unlikely that your web host will be able to help you. In the event that they can, there will usually be a fee involved.

Hosts that do create account backups will only do so at their chosen frequency. They will only do full site restorations and once again there is a fee to do so.

Our backup service gives you the facility to reinstate as much or as little as you like, where ever you like with complete independence of your web host.

Can't I make my own backups?

You sure can. cPanel provides a suite of backup tools you can use to make full and partial backups of your web data.

However the tools as supplied must be initiated manually and download or storage provisions made in order to store backups offsite. This means someone needs to find time to make the backups, download and store the backup files or ensure that they are transferred correctly to the storage center then delete the expired data set. Plenty of room in that scenario for human error and teh risk that your website ins not securely backed up.

Why not save yourself the hassle by automating the entire process and dramatically reducing risk?

Why is it important for backups to be stored offsite?

In the event that your site is hacked or a technical error trashes the hard disk, if your backup is on that disk, it could easily be destroyed as well.

Furthermore maintaining a series of backup sets in your web disk space could seriously overload your disk quota, requiring frequent attention and the risk of your website being temporarily suspended for exceeding disk quota.

Secure offsite storage of backup archive files overcomes these risk scenarios with great success.

How much does automated backup cost?

Our 1 GB plan costs $1.95 per month or $19.50 per year.

We also have 5GB and 11GB plans each with substantially discounted monthly rates and with further discounts for annual rates.

Does my website have to be hosted with clickonIT to use this service?

No. Any cPanel or WHM-based hosting accounts can be automatically backed up by our service.

What's cPanel and WHM?

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that allows website owners to quickly and easily manage their website and hosting account.

WHM is a graphical interface for hosting providers (resellers) to manage cPanel accounts on a server.  With WHM, managers can configure Services, Deployment Package, Control DNS and FTP configuration, accounts, security settings, and more.

Both systems are accessible to our automated backup system to make backing up cPanel and WHM accounts a breeze.

More cPanel & WHM info…

What do I need to start?

Create an order for web backup services choosing the plan you want. An account will be created for you during this process. If you already have an account you will get an opportunity to log in.

Find your backup service in My Services and display the details. Use the login button on the detail page to log in to your backup manager. In the backup manager you can configure the cPanel or WHM account you wish to backup.

You will need the username and password for each account you want to backup.

What is included in each backup archive file?

Our system creates full cPanel backups (for cPanel/WHM accounts) which backup everything including all your files, databases, emails, logs and all cPanel configuration settings. If you are not using cPanel/WHM based web host, our system will not work for you.

Can I exclude files from the backup?

You can exclude specific directories or files from the backup. Procedures for this process can be found here in the cPanel documentation to exclude files or directories.

How often does the backup run?

By default backup runs daily for your maximum protection. You can set the backup to run weekly.

Can I Run Unscheduled Backups?

You can run a backup for any of your cPanel account at any time. Log in to your account and click Run Now. This will provide you with an additional backup anytime you need it. There’s no need to wait for your scheduled backup to run if you need to do an immediate backup.

How many backup sets will I need?

You can choose how many you want to keep. You can select between 1 and 31 backup sets for each cPanel account. Once the maximum number of sets is reached, the oldest backup file will be overwritten by the latest one.

How many accounts can I backup?

There is no limit the number of accounts you can backup. You can backup all cPanel accounts you have. The only limit is the amount of storage space you have allocated.

How much space will one backup file require?

The backup filesize is dependent on what is being backed up. The backup file is a highly compressed archive that can store a lot of information in a small package. However some data compresses better than others. If your websites contain mostly text and images, the backup file size can be as little as 20% of your actual disk usage. Say your account disk usage shows 400 MB, each backup file will require about 80 MB of your backup space. If your website contains video and audio files, the compression won’t be as effective and will result a much larger backup file.

There is an amount of trial and error in determining your storage requirements.

You can always upgrade or downgrade your account to match your needs.

How do I restore my full backup?

From your backup client area you will able to download any backup file you wish to restore or directly transfer it to your defined server. If you choose to download, each file will have its own unique link that you can supply to your web host if they do a restore for you.

A full cPanel backup restore can only be done by your web host provider and you will need to make a request for this service. Most web hosts will perform a restore free of charge where you are able to provide them with the backup file.

Are you sure you can backup my account?

Our service is specifically designed to backup cPanel based web hosts. cPanel is one of teh most widely used, robust and reliable web hosting systems around and services using it include; HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, LunarPages, EasyCGI, SiteGround, InMotionHosting, Site5, MochaHost, LiquidWeb, iWeb, and many more as well as many other smaller web hosting providers.

Will my backup files be publicly accessible?

Absolutely not! When you are ready to download a backup file, our system will provide you with the unique URL for that particular backup file. This lin is available to anyone who has it. It is your responsibility to keep this URL safe.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, click on the Remove Download Link and it will no longer be accessible for download.

What about data privacy?

The parent host system providing backup service holds a TRUSTe certified privacy policy. Privacy practices are monitored and enforced by TRUSTe.

What is the maximum backup filesize?

There is no effective limit on filesize on our storage system. However, there are many other factors that affect file security and system reliability when backing up hundreds of GBs of data across the public network with our system. In the interests of your security we recommend backing up cPanel accounts with less than 100 GB (100,000 MB) of data as shown in your cPanel disk usage indicator.

If your cPanel account exceeds 100,000 MB (100 GB), please contact us for advice before committing to your backup order.

Can you backup my WHM account instead of cPanel?

Yes, we can perform automated daily backup for all cPanel accounts under your WHM account. You just need to enter in your WHM login details and our system will do the rest.

Every day our system will check if there are newly created cPanel accounts under your WHM and will automatically add them into the backup list.

You can manually exclude any cPanel accounts under your WHM which you don’t want to backup from your backup manager.

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