Automated cPanel Website Backup

What will you do when your website is irretrievably lost due to malicious attack or technical error?

Can you reinstate the website? Can you replace the data? How long will it take? Who knows the answers to these questions in your organisation?

With a full site backup you can restore folders and files as required, databases and configuration settings. Your website can be back online in short order, provided you have a full site backup, it is securely stored offline and is up to date.

clickonIT’s automated web backup service makes full website configuration backups at your chosen frequency stores them securely offsite for as long as you choose and provides you with fast direct access to your backup archive files 24/7.

NOTHING to install. Backs up ANY cPanel or WHM account.

Automated backups are made to schedule and instantly transferred offsite for safe-keeping. You select how many backup sets to keep. When old sets expire they are automatically deleted. You only store the history set you decide on.

Each backup archive stores all files folders, databases and emails, logs, stats and config data necessary to completely reinstate your website. We can backup any cPanel or WHM hosting account from shared server, VPS or dedicated server hosts. WHM backup automatically includes all domain accounts so you don’t have to add new accounts manually.

Automated website backup

Increase your resilience to attack and malfunction by maintaining regular full site backups. Automated web backups can help you get back online quickly and cheaply. Be prepared.

  • Lite

    $1.95 /month
    • 1 GB storage space
    • $19.50/yr
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  • Business

    $4.95 /month
    • 5 GB storage space
    • $49.50/yr
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  • Chunky

    $9.95 /month
    • 11 GB storage space
    • $99.50/yr
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  • Free Trial

    • 3 GB storage space
    • 7 days unrestricted access
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All backup service accounts include unlimited backup of cPanel & WHM accounts including websites, domains, emails, databases and configurations. Selectable daily/weekly schedule and 1-31 backup set retention. Emailed backup reports, easy file/folder restore and full backup archive access. 24/7 online backup control panel access. Secure Amazon Web Services powered backup storage.
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An amusing video about backups, why you might need them and what could happen if you didn’t have them.

Discount on 5Gb and 11Gb services for DBM BusinessBuilder members.

Backup FAQs

Web Backup Terms of Service

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