Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Email Service

One of the most productive changes you can make to you daily routine is to reduce the amount of spam email you have to deal with.

Eliminate unwelcome and unwanted email effectively and easily.

Email security software installed on your PC is not going to help you if you frequently use your iPhone or smartphone to manage email. Stop spam and virus-infected email before it even gets to your email server.

How Does It Work?

How spamfilter works

1Along with the good email you want, incoming, unfiltered email addressed to your domain also includes a barrage of spam, phishing and virus emails that you don’t want.
2 A simple change to your domain’s DNS MX record puts spamfilter’s powerful and accurate filtering service to work for you.
3 The bad stuff is quarantined in a separate folder so that there’s no chance of ever losing good email.  Quarantined email can be viewed in either the included shared quarantine or optional individual quarantine viewers. In the unlikely event that a good message is blocked by spamfilter it can be located, viewed and allowed through if necessary.
4 Clean email is promptly delivered to your domain server. Bad email is captured and quarantined by spamfilter.

clickonIT spamfilter is a practical, effective and affordable anti-spam service that will give you back many minutes if not hours per week by ensuring that your inbox only receives clean, legitimate email.

As well as filtering out spam, this service also filters out emails with potentially harmful content and stores all received mail for 30 days so you can check and retrieve any mail sent to you within the last month.

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Spamfilter also includes many other time-saving and security enhancing features.

Standard Features
Domain-based pricing Yes
Unlimited Email Addresses Yes
Unlimited Domain Aliases Yes
Spam, virus and malware filtering Yes
Over 17 million filter rules (and counting) Yes
100+ million senders reputation tracking system Yes
Virus and malware filtering Yes
Domain-wide filtering policies Yes
Custom domain-level filter rules Yes
Fail-safe design Yes
Email Archiving (30 days) Yes
Mail Bagging (5 days) Yes
Distributed cloud-based setup
(spanning multiple datacenters)
Destination fail-over MX support Yes
Remote monitoring systems Yes
Quarantine Plus message research tool Yes
Schedule hourly, daily or weekly reports Yes
View and recover quarantined mail (30 days) Yes
View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days) Yes
View message delivery status Yes
View raw mail logs Yes
Advanced Features & Intuitive Control Panel Yes
Dashboard with statistics and message totals Yes
Valid email address list Yes
Approved senders list (whitelisting) Yes
Blocked senders list (blacklisting) Yes
Active Directory / LDAP Sync Yes
Domain Alias setup Yes
Custom Email Address Forwarding Yes
Catch-all address Yes
Basic encryption using TLS Yes
Email Address tagging Yes
Customer Support Yes
Annual subscription $125/year
Additional 100,000 messages $10.00/mo
Overage Billing Spike Protection Free!
Individual Quarantine Login
Also increases inbound messages allotment by 10,000 messages per month.

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