4 Point Online Business Checklist

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Check these four key aspects to your online marketing presence. Although each aspect is complex and important, even just checking the basics is a very quick and easy way to make sure you’re on the right path.

Even if you only pick up one or two items for correction you will be in a better place to get more leads from your ideal customers and have your online marketing bring you more business.

1. Website Review

Is everything working OK? Slideshows, images, pages displaying correctly?
Visit your website and go through it, pretending to be a customer. What would you think of your business?

How about the online contact form? Getting every enquiry?
Do a test submission and check that you are receiving all the info you need from enquirers to follow up and close orders.

Is your business information up to date?
Correct phone numbers, address, business hours? It’s a no brainer but you’d be surprised how often simple mistakes occur in this area,

2. Google My Business Status

Have you set up your “Google My Business” account?
If not, you should arrange it now. Of all the online directories, we think Google is the most important one and your Google listing should be perfect. Google provides this service for free and you can set it up yourself. However it is complex and to get it perfect will require significant effort. Why not save yourself the effort and get the experienced professionals at Digital Business Media to set up Google My Business for you.
If you do have it setup already, check that your listing is correct, up to date and verified. Review your monthly reports and identify any trends and opportunities that could be working harder for you.

5. Website/Email Security

  • All systems up to date?
  • Are security measures in place on your website and your email?
  • Are you making regular backups of your website?
  • Are you monitoring your website and online reputation for problems?
  • Got a disaster recovery plan? Is it up to date for your current circumstances?

If you’re answering no, no, no here then you are justified in feeling sick at the thought of being hacked, offline and effectively telling your customers to move on to your competitors. Fix it today.

4. Online Business Directories

Is your business listed in key online directories?

Get On To It

Don’t let your competitors pick up the customers you deserve because they slipped through a crack in your system. Plug those cracks and catch those customers.

All the watch points listed here are well inside the do-it-yourself range. If you attend to this checklist yourself it will cost you absolutely nothing to dramatically improve your online business marketing position.

Of course not everyone has the time or the interest in doing this stuff themselves. clickonIT can look after any and all of these issues for you, quickly and efficiently. Give us a call to talk about making your online marketing more effective quickly and economically.

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